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Jan 23, 2013 8:00pm EST
on allegations of sexual misconduct in the lackland air force base in texas. general mark welsh says the problem has become a cancer for the service but he is committed to eliminating misconduct in the ranks. this three-hour hearing includes testimony from victims of sexual abuse. >> the committee will come to order. good morning. thank you for joining us for the first hearing of the 113th congress. i think it's appropriate we began our oversight with the subject this committee has been vigilant in addressing for many years. at the same time i find it extremely disturbing that despite the collective work in congress, the department of defense come to combat the military services and the dedicated groups who advocate on the part of the victims of this heinous crime sexual assault and sexual misconduct remains a problem within our armed forces. today we meet to receive testimony on sexual misconduct by the basic training instructors at lackland air force base. the events are the most recent example of sexual assaults that have plagued the military for far too long. this tragedy with 32 instructors
Jan 24, 2013 2:00am EST
i will ask ed to address the specific issue in the lackland investigation that we are walking towards. if an individual is transferred as a result of poor performance and bad behavior related to sexual harassment i would he astonished if it was not somehow related to his record. they were being transferred as a matter of routine transfer and there is the decision made that the sexual-harassment was not substantiated for example then it would probably not be. >> or if there might've been an incident that was handled in a different way and didn't show on the record that this person could be transferred and it would never show up? >> i would tell you that yes that could happen. if we knew about one other commanders acting that way we would remove them from command. >> at which all of our commanders were held to that standard. it's my understanding that sometimes they don't actually hold themselves to that standard i am asking these questions because i'm trying to find out you know -- do we have seen that sexual-harassment leads in many cases to sexual assault. and so we have to b
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
meetings allegations those sexual misconduct at lackland air force base. general marquardt says the problem has become a cancer for the service, the committee to conduct in the ranks. the three-hour hearing includesl testimony from the defense of sexual abuse. >> good morning. thank you for joining us for the 113th congress. it's appropriate to begin our rt oversight but that this subject the committee has been vigilant for many years. at the same time, i find it extremely disturbing that the department of defense, military services and the dedicated groups who advocate on the parti of the room for this heinousa proble crime, sexual assault and sexual misconduct remains a problem within our armed forces. w today we meet to receive testimony on misconduct by instructors at lackland air lacr force base. the most recent example example of sexual assaults that have plagued the military for far too long. this tragedy with 32 instructors have been found guilty have been charged with or are still being investigated for crimes against 59 trainees begs the question, how could this have happened? how
Jan 23, 2013 3:00pm PST
. figures for 2012 show some 800 reported incidents. many of the cases stemmed from a scandal at lackland air force base near san antonio. an investigation there found 32 instructors allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with nearly 60 female service members. at a house hearing, the air force chief of staff general mark welsh called the numbers appalling. >> there is no way we can allow this to happen again. the air force goal for sexual assault is not simply to lower the number. the goal is zero. it's the only acceptable objective. the impact on every victim, their family, their friends, the other people in their unit is heartwrenching. and attacking this cancer is a full-time job and we are giving it our full attention. so far, six training instructors from lackland have been convicted on charges ranging from adultery to rape. nine others are facing courts- martial. 15 more instructors are still under investigation. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu began trying today to form a new governing coalition, after a weaker-than-expected showing in tuesday's elections. near-final tota
Jan 23, 2013 3:00pm PST
is in charge of the investigation of though sex assault scandal. lackland is a training environment, you cannot have a consensual sexual relationship. power is absolute. over 50 students involved in cases with their instructors ranging from rape to -- to sexual assault to sexual misconduct over 20 instructors implicated in these crimes, and really an awful case. the thing that we have to remember is that lackland is not a unique place in that these cases are happening every single day in every branch of the military. we know that because we get calls every day from service women and service men who are being assaulted and harasses and do not feel safe in their units. >> jennifer: and part of the way you can start to get at some of it is by having equality inside of military ranks, and that means promotions and having women in leadership roles, so today's news is really great, i think for women and our country. thank you so much for joining us inside of "the war room." coming up a few weeks from now, hillary clinton will go from being secretary of state to a new role
Jan 23, 2013 4:30am PST
face allegations of rape and other assaults involving 59 trainees at the lackland air base in texas. officials and victims are expected to testify. jackie speier was the first to call for such a hearing. >>> classes will resume today at a community college in texas. three people are recovering from a shooting at lone star college near houston yesterday. witnesses say two men were arguing in a courtyard outside the library. one of them pulled a gun and shot the other. that sent everyone in the area diving for cover. >> we couldn't actually hear what they were arguing about, but we could hear them arguing. the shooter actually, you know, wanted, you know, he said, uhm, i don't want to fight you. i'm not trying to go to jail. and he actually turned away from the situation. but whatever ticked him off, whatever they said, turned around, got it out of his backpack and just started shooting. >> a maintenance man was also hit. the target of the shooting is in critical condition now. police say the accused gunman accidentally shot himself in the leg
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
. nearly 800 sexual assaults reported at lackland air force base near san antonio. most committed by training instructors. >> they directed these trainees to go to supply closets and to the laundry room, where they were then raped. >> reporter: paula coughlin was assaulted 21 years ago while serving in the navy. she's now with this group. >> we can't accept this. it's horrible. we all know that. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speer is introducing a bill, saying instructors who have even consensual sex with a trainee get kicked out of the military. >> we have two instructors that admitted to having had sex with train of their trainees each. and these instructors were married. >> an individual serving as a military training instructor, who has a relationship like this with a trainee, has no place in our air force. >> reporter: military leaders say they're already implementing new guidelines. >> we are well on our way toward, but i'm not in in way ready to declare victory. >> reporter: having more women as trainers is looking air force officials are looking into. >>> scientists at
Jan 24, 2013 8:00am PST
a year are raped or assaulted. and only 13% actually report. we have a problem in many places, lackland airforce base was the topic yesterday of the hearing where we had military training instructors who took advantage of young trainees, 17, 18, 19 years of age, and assaulted them, raped them, had sex with them, and clearly, we have to do more to make sure that they are kicked out of the military, that we don't have sexual predators preying on young recruits, and that we take seriously the cases of rape as they come forward. i believe strongly that we need to take the chain of command out of the equation, which means that you would report it through the chain of command but to a separate entity that would have prosecution investigation power, and that would be independent. right now, the chain of command, your unit commander decides whether or not to move forwarar with the prosecution, and frankly, they are judge and jury with no legal training or jud judicial training and it does not work. >> i think a lot of people, their eyes would be opened. it's called "the invisible war." thank yo
Jan 23, 2013 5:00am PST
and other assaults involving 59 trainees at the lackland air force base in texas. top officials and victims are expected to testify. san mateo congresswoman jackie speier was the first to call for the hearing. >>> switching gears now, 5:07, let's get another check on the weather. >> it's all about change. rain is coming, right? >> yeah. we had that nice midseason dry spell but now looks like that's about to change as we have some storm clouds moving into the bay area now. mostly cloudy skies. not as cold this morning. no freezing temperatures to speak of. and yes, our high-def doppler radar is picking up raindrops most of that off the coastline so far although we have seen a few light showers in the north bay but i think throughout the day today this is going to push further east and make its way across the bay area bringing with it some scattered light showers. you can see on our satellite image all the moisture off the coastline and the low is off the coast. we'll wait until that pushes offshore later on. in the meantime, temperatures not
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm EST
from the house armed services committee on alleged sexual conduct at lackland air force base and c-span 3, a news conference with nancy pelosi earlier today on re-introducing the violence against women act. all of that starting at 8:00 on the c-span networks. we'll take you to a briefing with john boehner after the passage of a bill that temporarily suspends the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling through mid-may. it passed in the house of 285-144. briefing is about 15 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> good afternoon everyone. with the passage of this bill today, it's pretty clear that we are sending a message to the democrat-controlled senate, it's time to do your job. the principle is pretty simple. no budget, no pay. american families have to do a budget and they understand you can't continue to spend money that you don't have. we're committed to doing a budget on the house side, a budget that will balance over the next 10 years. it's time for the senate and the president to show the american peop
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)